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Item No. 28
Water Purifier (Packet 1) . . . $4.00

Water Purifier removes toxins and chemicals from ordinary "people" water and prepares it for the addition of Sea-Monkey Instant Life Eggs.

Item No. 31
Instant Life Sea-Monkey Eggs (Packet 2) . . . $4.00

Instant Life contains the mysterious ingredients that (when combined with Packet 1, Water Purifier) hatches Instant LIVE baby Sea-Monkeys.

Item No. 12
Sea-Monkey Growth Food (Packet 3) . . . $4.00

Satisfy their hunger with Sea-Monkey Growth Food, the primary nutritional ingredient that's essential to your Sea-Monkeys health and happiness. NOTE: The same item listed below under Sea-Monkey Taste-Treats.

Item No. 24
Plasma III (Packet 4) . . . $4.00

A Sea-Monkey formula booster to help even MORE baby Sea-Monkeys live and grow! Recommended for spectacular results.


Item No. 68
Sea-Medic Sea-Monkey Medicine . . . $4.00

A MUST for emergencies if sickness should strike. "Sea-Medic" is the ONLY medicine available for Sea-Monkeys. It kills oxygen-depleting bacteria in their water without harming the Sea-Monkeys. It can CURE afflicted Sea-Monkeys if given IN TIME! Keeping "Sea-Medic" on hand if needed in a hurry is almost as good as having a team of Sea-Monkey doctors standing by in the E.R.

Item No. 84
Cupid's-Arrow Mating Powder . . . $4.00

For shy Sea-Monkeys afraid of "marriage", this fabulous formula will give them a quick trip to the alter! Once "hooked", former "bachelor" Sea-Monkeys will fill your tank with oodles of cute babies - fast.

Item No. 98
Red-Magic Sea-Monkey Vitamins . . . $4.00

This is the formula containing EVERY KNOWN VITAMIN your Sea-Monkeys NEED for robust health. Sea-Monkey owners who truly LOVE their pets should include "Red-Magic" in their diet. It not only insures a long healthy life, it adds a pretty red "tone" to their pale bodies making them even easier to view.

Item No. 75
Grow-Kwickly, Sea-Monkey Growth Stimulator . . . $4.00

It makes those "runts" who don't want to grow-up, SPROUT almost OVERNIGHT! It's like sending your Sea-Monkeys to "boot-camp" to shape-up!

Item No. 91
Sea-Monkey Sea-Diamonds . . . $4.00

This heap of sparkling "sea-gems" keep Sea-Monkeys happy and entertained by giving them toys that they will really play with! So pretty they might as well be REAL. Watch the Sea-Monkeys have fun by tossing Sea-Diamonds around like beachballs! They even "learn" to climb up and ride them as if they were surfboards. This gives them the exercise they need to stay fit. But MOST AMAZING, as the water levels drops in your aquarium, Sea-Diamonds RISE UP from the bottom and FLOAT MID-WATER, seemingly in DEFIANCE OF THE LAWS OF GRAVITY! The Sea-Monkeys now wend their way among the mysteriously suspended gems swimming in and out of the enchanted "maze". So fantastic, it MUST be seen to be believed!

Item No. 900
Executive Sea-Monkeys for Grown-Ups . . . $14.00

Whether or not they had Sea-Monkeys when THEY were kids, these "Office Pets" are for your favorite GROWN-UPS! Psychologists have published studies suggesting that the presence of fish or other live pets in a hectic office, reduces stress and creates a safer environment for heart attack prone workaholic adults. If TRUE, Sea-Monkeys may really be LIFE-SAVERS in disguise! This adult kit comes with a "Micro-View Ocean-Zoo" tank with UNIQUE magnifying lenses so OPTICALLY CLEAR they won't need glasses to see even the SMALLEST Sea-Monkeys hatch alive before their eyes! With a binocular cover, and a special ebony black base. This mini-aquarium looks PERFECT on a desk, table or shelf in any workplace! Included are the NEW HYBRID, longest-living Sea-Monkeys EVER! Because they are SO HARDY, these Sea-Monkeys were used by NASA for hatching and growing experiments on two SPACE SHUTTLE flights in 1994. Bring a tear of nostalgia to their eyes with Executive Sea-Monkeys! This kit comes with Water-Purifier, Instant Life Sea-Monkey Eggs, Growth-Food, Plasma III, Sea-Diamonds and The Official Sea-Monkey Handbook. So COMPLETE, this set needs WATER ONLY to make MIRACLES HAPPEN! NOTE: The Executive Sea-Monkey kit now comes with the new style of black snap-on base.

Item No. 126
The Original Sea-Monkey Growing Kit . . . $9.00

This is the complete, original five piece Sea-Monkey kit that will introduce you, or a special "someone" to the JOYS of pet Sea-Monkey ownership! Except for the tank, it includes everything needed to hatch, grow and breed them. Worth $8.00 if purchased separately.


Item No. BK
Basic Kit . . . $12.00

Item No. MC
Medicine Chest . . . $12.00

Item No. EP
Essential Pack . . . $20.00

Item No. JK
Jumbo Kit . . . $25.00

Item No. X-Ray
Original X-Ray Spex® . . . $10.00

Item No. 1
(3x)Food Measuring and Feeding Spoon . . . . $1.00

This two-in-one feeding device has dual cups to feed both baby AND adult Sea-Monkeys.

Item No. 70
Sea-Monkey Million-Bubble Air Pump . . . $4.00

A MUST to oxygenate their water!!! No electricity or batteries needed! In fact, IT CANNOT WEAR OUT OR BREAK! Just pump the bellows with your thumb, just once a day, to FILL the Sea-Monkey water with MILLIONS of bubbles that carry life-supporting oxygen. Perfect for REALLY SERIOUS Sea-Monkey owners.

Item No. 87
Sea-Monkey Aqua-Leash . . . $3.00

Here is a MUCH-NEEDED tool to SAFELY handle Sea-Monkeys! Over 8 1/2" long, it's a Sea-Monkey "picker-upper" that works by suction, and cannot injure even the biggest Sea-Monkeys that you grow. BEST OF ALL, when not used to catch the little rascals to transport to another tank (Port-A-Pet or Sea-Bubble), it DOUBLES as a "vacuum cleaner" to suction up the "yuck" that settles on the tank bottom. It's easy to operate and SO USEFUL you'll thank the day you got it.

Item No. 54
Light-Up Ocean-Zoo Aquarium Cover . . . $5.00

If you already have an Ocean-Zoo aquarium, you can replace the plain cover with this electric projector cover (battery not included) for dramatic lighting effects. Exciting fun - even in the dark! Fits ALL Ocean-Zoo aquariums.

Item No. RR
"Reluctant Raccoon" Book . . . $18.00

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